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  1. Flex
    Hey Guys, New to this forum. I currently live in Orange County and have waited forever for Flex to notify me if there become available positions (Orange County doesn't show up on the list of places to deliver). Apparently they must have too many people in this area. Well I went back on the app...
  2. Miami
    What are the best areas, hours, days to work for Uber?
  3. Toronto (Ontario)
    I want to hear ONLY from part-timers. Full timers, please do not spam this topic. ONLY part timers please reply me with patterns of your part time activities. Assuming a part-timer on uber has some other main full-time gig (main job, business, study etc.), how do you manage ubering? Do you...
  4. Los Angeles & Orange County
    I read all about the Lyft - LAX thing, I heard nothing from Lyft at all so I emailed them and they sent me the link to where I could print the TNC permit. So I have that but my problem is that I cannot find any information on where the staging area is. I was thinking of heading to LAX later...
1-4 of 4 Results