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  1. News
    https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/ryanhatesthis/ride-hail-and-delivery-apps-like-lyft-and-doordash-arent Ride-Hail And Delivery Apps Like Uber And Postmates Are Tight-Lipped About What They'll Do When The Coronavirus Hits The United States Ryan BroderickBuzzFeed News Reporter Posted on...
  2. Sydney
    Hey guys. I’ve been away working on another job for a while. Does anyone know if there’s an app yet that will handle requests from Uber/Taxify/Ola etc yet? It would be fantastic, no?
  3. London
    Dear Black Cabbies on this forum, May I ask: How much percentage of your work do you get from the streets/ranks? Or rather, how much percentage from apps? It depends I suppose but roughly, more from streets or more from apps? Can a Black Cab survive without an app? I mean, is it possible to...
  4. Technology
    Can someone please help me! My driver app won't save my photo and banking information. I just got the app a couple weeks ago and I want to start driving over the holiday. Pleeeaaase Help! :-(
  5. News
    http://money.cnn.com/2017/07/30/technology/iran-snapp-ride-hailing/index.html The ride-hailing app that rules Tehran's busy streets Tehran's busy streets have 5 times as many taxis as New York, offering huge potential for a ride-hailing app. CNN Money Marketplace Middle East July 31, 2017 by...
  6. San Antonio
    New at Amazon flex! App problems! When I log on all I get is no deliveries in my area are available but it won't even let me do my availablity. Any answere to this probleM be cause I'm new to amazon flex.
  7. Minneapolis
    I mainly use two in addition to the driver and rider apps: MileIQ, with automatically tracks all miles driven and lets you easily classify them between personal and business with a swipe; and Clip Stack, which stores text for quick copy and paste (for example, I have airport instructions saved...
  8. Advice
    Hi everyone! Can you please help me with some information? What are some online services/tools I can look through to become an efficient Uber partner? I am thinking software to aid any or all processes, from me to becoming a partner to maybe having a fleet (management, any kind of assistance I...
  9. Technology
    So I recently took advantage of T-Mobile's sale a couple weeks ago to get a 2nd phone. My plan is to run Uber Driver app on one, and Lyft on the other. Then I'm going to link the new line to my Uber and Lyft profile. Will I have an issue using Uber on the first phone, but using the second...
  10. Toronto (Ontario)
    There is a 3rd party app that will allow you to see more accurately surge areas from the passenger app called surge chaser. Now it costs 7 bucks a month or you can buy it in bundle's. I know the Uber budget is tight but this app may not be a bad purchase I just started using it today so it can...
  11. Advice
    The market I'm working in has been dominated by Uber, but Lyft is making another attempt. Is there any advice working both at the same time? Any great apps to download that compliment the two apps and simplify work flow? Things to avoid?
  12. Vancouver (Western Canada)
    What's the best app to use in Edmonton. I've been using Google but I'm not all that happy with it. It doesn't seem to be as accurate as it should. I had one fare tell me that one of her drivers was using one that started with an N but she couldn't remember the name. I did a search but the one I...
  13. Technology
    Hey! Laura from Stride Drive here. Full disclosure: this is a sponsored thread with UberPeople.net. I wanted to start a thread on mileage tracking apps and tax questions. We've gotten a lot of positive feedback from drivers who have switched to Stride Drive from paid apps like MileIQ...
  14. Los Angeles & Orange County
    BRAVO APP DOWNLOAD LINK https://trybravo.com/#home Watch "Bravo Tip or Pay, the Cashless Way" on Vimeo: No more excuses about "nobody carries cash anymore" from cheap ass pax. This tipping app I found looks like it can increase our earnings immediately by making it effortless to tip without...
  15. Technology
    I'm an Apple person. Got the MacPower Book, iPhones, and iPad. But I keep reading android phones are better than iPhones for U/L. So I just got my first (used) Android device yesterday for a 2nd line i just ported over to VZW. Planning on using the droid just for driving and keeping iPhone as...
  16. Technology
    Update 7/12/16: Just released version 2.0 with Metric Support. Check it out here! I'm Ken, I have been driving Uber for just over a year now and I just rolled out MyRideTrac - to help rideshare drivers track their mileage. I tried many of the apps out there to track miles and expenses and...
  17. Technology
    Hi all! My name is Noopur, I am a PhD student at UC Irvine and I study ridesharing apps to publish papers about how their design can be improved. (Here's my previous paper if you want to read...
  18. Gainesville
    I am looking for app reccomendations to track and report mileage and expense for IRS reasons. I just discovered SherpaShare. Its free and has reports other metrics. What do you use?
  19. Advice
    Does anyone use a separate app to track things such as mileage and expenses for tax deductions?
  20. Los Angeles & Orange County
    And yet they still can't create a freaking tip option on the rider's side. They are the definition of clueless. http://www.wired.com/2015/10/uberredesign/#slide-x
1-20 of 22 Results