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  1. Advice
    I got approved for all requirements for LYFT. But when I try to go online, it says I should finish my application. When I click the link I see nothing but "approved" status. What am I missing here? Anyone have up-to-date contact details for LYFT? Thanks.
  2. Advice
    Will uber let me know if I am NOT approved as a driver? Or will they only email/text me telling me I got the job? It has been 2 weeks and no response, despite my prompt submission of my insurance and registration. I just want an answer, good or bad, so I can start looking for another job ASAP...
  3. St. Louis
    When is Lyft going to Launch in St Louis? My Account is Active to start driving does anybody have any knowledge yet?
  4. Dallas
    Hi Guys, Do you know how long it takes for UBER to approve drivers? Is has been over a week and no signs yet. My ex accused me, but that is closed now. Was never arrested. Does this matter? TIA, Mike.
  5. Advice
    I've been driving uber for close to a year now. I have a good friend who wants to drive as well, so I set him up with my code and we were hoping to be on track to $500 each. On my app under invites it says all he needs to do is complete 75 rides. On his end, his background check says "consider"...
  6. Complaints
    Please tell me I'm not the only one that's been waiting (or already waited) for over 3 weeks and no approval? And it's not like I'm sitting here and waiting; I'm literally in constant contact with Uber every single day via email. I get a different person every single time and a different (yet...
1-6 of 6 Results