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  1. Technology
    Hi. I have Uber Fleet and a few cars with my drivers. The problem is that I can't look after them properly. I don't know whether the driver is using my car and gas for my money to perform rides from the company account, or he is just launching his own account every 3 rides (or even launching...
  2. London
    Hi,so sent my application 15th Mar Online and got the topo test invite test 3 weeks later as per usual slow TFL process. Called TFL and earliest on all centers (and those not local from me East London) was 15th June..? 27th with Uber Greenlight as well? Rang a few centres to see if they could...
  3. New York City
    Hello, I tried looking for this answer online but I couldn't find an answer, so I was hoping maybe you guys can help. I didn't finish all my requirements for the TLC license in the 90 day time period. I am now again thinking about apply again and this time getting done everything I need to get...
1-3 of 3 Results