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  1. Advice
    (First post in a long while, so please bear with me) Grizzled Uber veteran here (six years, nearly 19K trips), and I'm in the market to replace my car. Make/model is unimportant (though it will be Comfort eligible), but it will have Android Auto/Apple Car Play capability. I did a cursory...
  2. Toronto (Ontario)
    To iPhone users out there that have upgraded to IOS12: With Tuesday's OS update, Apple finally has allowed 3rd party nav-software to display on CARPLAY enabled cars. Before you were restricted to APPLE MAPS only. Currently GOOGLE MAPS now works on the display and WAZE should arrive very soon...
  3. New Jersey
    Been noodling with Andriod Auto. I prefer Waze but it doesn't always like to connect to Uber & Lyft and requires 2 extra steps when it does. When I switched to Google Maps, it was one touch with Uber and automatic with Lyft, BUT twice it sent me to the city but excluded the street address. I...
1-3 of 3 Results