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  1. Toronto (Ontario)
    Interesting update from LYFT: If PAX doesn't rate it defaults to 5* (more or less analogous to the driver App) They are auto-dropping LOWEST rating, and explicitly communicating to drivers that they can 'tell their side to dispute low ratings (I do this all the time when PAX asks me to do...
  2. Advice
    On my new driver app, I no longer can see the pax rating, the amount of surge I will be getting, no more long trip warning and it also auto accepts all trips! WTF is going on? Does anyone else like this?
  3. Lyft
  4. Brisbane
    Uber's new in-app chat will help you avoid exchanging creepy texts with your driver It was always a bit weird to wait for your Uber driver and then suddenly receive a text from an unknown number. "Where are you?" Often the driver would skip the anonymous text altogether and just honk their horn...
  5. Baltimore
    very convenient but I feel like this may run us drivers into some issues with pax wanting us to stay and wait while they grocery shop etc. what do you guys think? Has anyone gotten a pax who requested multiple stops yet? I'm sorry but uber doesn't pay enough to have us sit and wait on folks.
  6. Technology
    Smaller map area, but larger detail. Will need to move map area around manually to check for surges (I guess?) Is this why the APP stopped functioning yesterday?
  7. San Francisco
    I just noticed this after updating the app but I haven't heard anything about it yet... Is Uber actually allowing drivers the option to not be pinged with further requests while on Pool? Does it appear for X trips as well to avoid stacked pings when we need a break?
  8. Technology
    Since the change in Logo and also since the latest update: Once a ride is completed, the "car" icon remains at the drop off location. It isn't a delay, because I have waited a long time and driven miles with the "car" still at the prior drop off spot. The only way I have fixed it is to close...
  9. Miami
    The app update yesterday requested access to my iPhone microphone. I never had that before. Anybody have any idea why?
1-9 of 9 Results