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  1. Technology
    Hey all, I'm wondering if there are any legit sites/ways through Google Play (I'm on Android) or elsewhere to download older versions of the apps?? Mainly looking for Lyft's version, but I'd be open to finding the older version of Uber as well. Main gripe with the current version of Lyft (I'm...
  2. Complaints
    Tonight, i had a rider in the car, i accepted the next rider before dropping him off, blissfully unaware that rider-2 was on the same corner rider-1 wanted to be let off at.. so i let him off and rider 2 and his 2 friends run up and get in. Surprise, the app will not connect to the network and...
  3. Lyft
    My letter to Lyft, check out this scam to see if you have been a victim letter to Lyft- Hi there, this happened last week and now it has happened AGAIN. Lyft is not paying me for my guarantee hours. To break this down, 1. The Lyft APP does NOT calculate hours in driver mode correctly. Here is...
  4. Technology
    It has these useless different colours. Then today after 8 rides I took a break when I tried to connect I couldn't and I thought may they aren't letting me connect because I didn't opt in for the min $40/h deal with catches, and they were saving rides for those drivers opted in. So after 3...
  5. Surge
    Has anyone noticed that the heat map isn’t as active offline versus online? I will have to log into the app to see where active surges are b/c it seems viewing the heat map offline is often stale. Other times, I won’t see a heat map at all. Another way they’re discouraging us from being offline.
  6. Complaints
    So a member of the team was on the toilet and came up with the new pattern design for the uber-partner app ( don't feel like a partner) while looking at the patterns in her bathroom. I guess that's how they roll out there and they say the only change is the design. Her reference by the way is...
  7. Houston
    I use an iPhone 4s. Since last weekend when I type to contact the pax to let them know where I am or for whatever reason, my call will not go thru and in directed to contact uber support which I do but nothing happens. I can text and before this I was able to call just fine. Anyone know what's up???
1-7 of 7 Results