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  1. Technology
    Hi All, We're a startup working on an app for gig workers (all kinds - rideshare, delivery, scooters etc). The idea is to give more information and leverage to the workers (vs Uber and the rest). We're still in the beginning of the process, and would like to hear input from people who work for...
  2. London
    Steereo app pays you to play music - there's an article online on the Forbes website. "Drivers are financially encouraged to bring Steereo into their cabs and get riders on board. They are paid per second, and make on average $120-$300 a month." Who's keen?
  3. Brisbane
    I was in Brisbane recently and amazed at the amount of bicycles and scooters loitering and being a traffic nuisance more so than the groups of teenagers that hire them down here and continually toot the horn all the way to the spit. Evenings in Brisbane City and Fortitude Valley are looking...
1-3 of 3 Results