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  1. Advice
    Driver Safety How safe are drivers against passenger attack? Let alone attacks from taxi drivers enraged that we are taking there jobs. There is no way to know. None! The cops do not keep these types of statistics. Uber might, but they have a history of not sharing information unless forced...
  2. News
    From-2015 Courtney Love was attacked in Paris on Thursday (June 25) by what she described as a "mob of taxi drivers." Taxi workers have been recently using blockades in European cities to picket Uber, as the mobile car-hailing service has hurt their industry; on Thursday, that picketing turned...
  3. Atlanta
    In nearly every post in this forum, the same few guys are leaving the same comments over and over. "Uber sucks." "You won't make a dime!" "It's awful!" "You should quit Uber!" If that's your opinion, fine. But then... why are you still here? Why are hanging out in this forum, everyday, talking...
1-3 of 3 Results