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  1. Los Angeles & Orange County
    who else is getting trips that don't match with the what on the acceptance screen? I accepted a trip that was supposed to be between $18-$22 head towards Tustin and then when I start the trip its head to lido isle and ends up only being $6 wtf. sorry for the bad grammar lol
  2. Advice
    Has anyone else experienced this sound before? I must admit, I neglected my air cabin filter for a few months. When I pulled it out to replace it, there was pretty much an entire tree in there haha. I'm thinking there is a stem, leaf, gas receipt or thistle that is barely touching the squirrel...
  3. Complaints
    Guy rolled up trying to get people into his dangerous car with so much distractions music , lights , smoke and using a stupid air can horn. And call his car Uber disco plus he was annoying.
  4. New York City
    gents, I'm doing a research on what uber drivers hate the most about uber and need your help! i really appreciate your inputs! thanks again!
  5. Washington DC
    Since it seems to be Tech Wednesday, I have an issue maybe you Deplorables can help with. I use Google Maps for Ubering. Most trips I get the parking recommendations when I get close, which I don't need since I'm dropping them off and going somewhere else. Like this: I've tried Googling and...
1-5 of 5 Results