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  1. Stories
    I'm pretty sure as drivers we have all dealt with road rage. Question is, have you ever dealt with it with pax in the car? Quick story: I picked up 3 elderly women from the airport and we started heading into town. 15 minutes in, they all started napping. No biggie. I'm in the right lane, I...
  2. Delivery
    I tried supporting our community again, and got screwed again. Thanks "John" my DD driver. Ordered three Bento Boxes for my daughters and I tonight from Tokyo Joe's. I ordered with a 7:00pm scheduled delivery time. At 6:40pm I got a text that our dinner was picked up, so I figured "that's...
  3. Complaints
    So I got deactivated from UberEats. Due to eating people’s food lol at least I got something out of Uber. Tired and hungry.
  4. San Francisco
    Uber and Lyft drivers' median hourly wage is just $3.37, report finds https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/mar/01/uber-lyft-driver-wages-median-report Majority of drivers make less than minimum wage and many end up losing money, according to study published by MIT Uber and Lyft drivers...
  5. Brisbane
    We so need a cartoon series with all the wonderful experiences from drivers and pax lol.
  6. Fort Myers & Naples
    So Iv'e read the new October section of 180 days of change. Say we will be paid for pick-ups farther than 10mins of drive time, and tolls on the way. I could have sworn that earlier this year I was getting paid for tolls that I had passed during the pick-up portion of the ride. I used to see...
  7. Advice
    When a pax tells you to speed up they are running late for work, meeting, etc
  8. News
    Tom is calling on drivers to organize and stand up for your rights!
  9. Ratings
    So basically I see on so many threads that a Driver accepts a passenger and then for one reason or another decides to cancel on that passenger. I then see that the same passenger puts out another request and it is routed back to the same driver. Does this really happen (on both Uber and Lyft?)...
  10. Melbourne
    So i wanted to get your views on how the first few days of the rate cuts were. Here is my experience so far... I went around working around 30% harder to make the same amount of money i had before. I drove around continuously busy for 4 hours with some small breaks between jobs. Only made 85$...
1-11 of 11 Results