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  1. Raleigh-Durham
    I've seen on the Apple IOS version of the current Uber app, you click the x in the upper left corner to set a 'destination" where you are headed, and you only get requests that are along your route. Can use twice a day. But I can't find this tool in the Android app. Anyone have a screen shot...
  2. Technology
    It doesn't allow me to see rider's rating, name, nor location. I can only see that it's a request, which will time out in 12 seconds. Frustrating. I am using the most up to date app as of July 26th, 2016. Please advise.
  3. Technology
    I'm an Apple person. Got the MacPower Book, iPhones, and iPad. But I keep reading android phones are better than iPhones for U/L. So I just got my first (used) Android device yesterday for a 2nd line i just ported over to VZW. Planning on using the droid just for driving and keeping iPhone as...
  4. Technology
    I tried to update Uber app on the google play store this evening and, this pop-up greeted me: See Pic 1: What is the NEW: "Device & App History" in the Uber App v3.98.2 - Android Permissions, does that allows the app to "Retrieve running applications", and what are those used for? Does this...
1-4 of 4 Results