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  1. Minneapolis
    Any of you TC folks doin Flex? I signed up about a week ago, and waiting to be approved. I haven't done any Ubering recently after I figured out I couldn't make enough to pay for burning out the car. (Not really able to drive at surge times.)
  2. Flex
    Uber Flex just arrived in Denver yesterday and today was my first and last day! I showed up with a pile of 80 boxes I was supposed to deliver. Som how I got them in my car. I asked them how they expect me to deliver all these in time. They said they are all close by. Which they were kinda. I had...
  3. Atlanta
    I am really not happy with Amazon Flex. I signed up with them and was excited about the prospect of doing something fun that actually would make me a little money. But it took them 2 weeks to reply to me about my background check, They said it would only take 72 hours. Got excited again when...
  4. Flex
    I know it’s not instant because I grabbed far more blocks from manual refreshes than from notifications.
  5. Flex
    So I just got approved for Amazon Flex in Orlando. But the only "Delivery Area" option it is giving me is a suburb that is an hour away from me (Davenport, for you Orlando locals). Do the available delivery areas fluctuate on a periodic basis ? Also, once I select a Delivery Area, am I locked...
  6. Orlando
    So I just got approved for Amazon Flex in Orlando. But when I opened the app the only "Delivery Area" option it gave me was "Davenport". I'm in Maitland so that isn't very practical -- it's over an hour away! Do the available delivery areas fluctuate on a periodic basis? Also, once I select a...
  7. Flex
    I reached out to Flex support to see if I would get locked into the delivery area I selected and, lo and behold, they gave instructions for changing it. This isn't changing your region (city), just the "area" (warehouse) for delivery in your city. This info might already be out there but I...
  8. Flex
    Howdy folks, Is anyone aware of a 3rd Houston area Amazon warehouse/fulfillment center going in? Per my perusing of other threads (including the long, 57 page one), there is currently: 1) Houston (Way Out West Blvd) - Prime Now only 2) Humble - Online packages only I just got my Flex...
  9. Detroit
    Are there any other driver/delivery apps/jobs in the Detroit metro area besides Uber & Lyft ? I think Ann Arbor has AmazonFlex (not in Detroit metro) And I'm pretty sure GoogleExspress contracts a 3rd party company but can't locate them.
  10. Flex
    Any NY residents signing up?
  11. Dallas
    Has anybody in DFW tried the amazon flex? I have the 2 hour orientation tomorrow trying to decide if its worth doing or i should just do part time at amazon warehouse where I have a interview Wed.! haha please give me more information on flex in dallas and if it worth it!
  12. Chicago
  13. Dallas
    I don`t know if you guys heard of this but amazon flex is coming in Dallas ! I just registered and waiting for confirmation but they guarantee $18 - $25 for delivering starting as little as 2h a day or more as you wish, using of course their app. This is considerably higher when surge is not...
  14. Flex
    So, Amazon is starting an independent contractor service in some cities, and will soon be in your city if all goes well, which it will, 'cause America is the land of hustle. Check it out here, and sign up for the roll out. https://flex.amazon.com Gotta be better than dealing with over...
61-74 of 74 Results