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  1. Flex
    Is there a Flex forum for Chicago anywhere here?
  2. Flex
    I want to start a community of Seattle\Washington State Amazon driver community forum ... What we can do to make our voices be heard and make things easier for us / by us ... If there is a thread like this already let me know ... I feel each city needs to be connected by one another ... Seems...
  3. Flex
    I Did a 4hr block this morning and this FUNKY app had serious location issues ... 4 times it took me to the right street, but the wrong block, saying I had arrived ... It also had my whole 4hr block being delivered late, starting at 830am ... With all the technology Amazon has, this App should...
  4. Flex
    I have tried contacting flex support but cant seem to get a straight answer. I know I can transfer to another warehouse by contacting support. My question is this: If I transfer to another site just for a couple of months, will I be able to come back to my original warehouse?
  5. Flex
    I accepted a offer for a 4 hour block. After I was done I came back to the pick up location. I was just wondering if I could of just kept delivering their packages since they didn't seem to care about who they were giving packages to.
  6. Flex
    I got only 1 block a week. Is this normal?
  7. Flex
    What could it be? 19 bucks 1 hour block.. Was fishing for my shift tomorrow and 3 minutes before normal release I picked up this random block.
  8. Flex
    I asked if I had been switched off or red lighted and got a very interesting response from the help desk. Let me start by saying I have for about 3 weeks now been picking up 2 4 hour blocks a day. 9am and 4pm shifts. I noticed others were picking up regularly as well. No more 10pm blocks but...
  9. San Diego
    I sometimes will sign in to the amazon flex app and it will say that I'm signed on to another device but will list my device that I'm currently using. I changed my password just in case. Sign out then sign back in without said notification. However sometimes it will still show up. Theres also...
  10. Annapolis
    I'm currently a flex delivery driver and I learned that I will soon be moving to Maryland. I know Baltimore has Amazon Flex service but I'm wondering If Annapolis has one too that way I can do more blocks.
  11. Flex
    Just signed up on Wednesday and got scheduled 2 Prime Now blocks for this week. Excited and also nervous. Quick question - are you allowed to bring a passenger on your routes? One of my blocks is this Sunday and my husband wants to go with me to check it out / help with parking (stay in car if...
  12. Flex
    We're going straight to the 2016 presidential candidates for news, comments and advice on Amazon Flex Delivery....pull up a chair.
  13. Flex
    can someone tell me hw to apply to amazon flex for south florida area
  14. Flex
    I just started a couple of weeks back. The only reason I've been able to sign up for blocks is because I've gotten lucky and been checking my app throughout the day. I've read that most cities release blocks at 10pm for the next day, I've yet to be able to see any blocks at 10pm. Does anyone...
  15. Flex
    So, kinda strange queation, but my wife is going to start Flex tomorrow and she wants me to tag along since its my day off my job (At Amazon Fulfillment lol) Any who, has anyone done blocks with a buddy or passenger? I don't see anything that says you can't but I wanna be sure so they don't turn...
  16. Flex
    Tuesday, October 4th 2016 - 00:01 central Hello all, I'd like to try something and see if anything positive will come from it. My experiment (or self-challenge, I guess) will be to not post anything negative about Amazon for an entire week. 7 full days and nites. This means I'll either have...
  17. Las Vegas
    Your friendly cab driver sticking his nose into Uberpeople's territory.... I noted in another thread (which I'm not going to continue to hijack because threads going off-topic drives me nuts) some of you drive for Amazon. I love Amazon, buy a lot from them, and (to my knowledge) have never NOT...
  18. Flex
    I'd like to become a Flex driver here in Phoenix but can anyone tell me why when I sign up on flexamazoncom amazonflexcom I get a thanks for signing up and then nothing...no response via email or call. How does one get on as a Flex driver??
  19. Pay
    We want to know what platforms you care about!! Which platforms should we launch next on DailyPay?
41-60 of 74 Results