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  1. Flex
    Has anyone just scanned the whole bag amazon gives you at the warehouse and after you Finish delivering have like 4 packages.unaccounted for left? I always return them back to the warehouse. But it made me think. If those packages were unaccounted for delivery what if some people don't return...
  2. Flex
    I've recently downloaded the Amazon Flex app and appear to be all good to go. I've completed the background check, tax, and direct deposit but once I get to the videos ( final step of "getting started") they are unable to play. I just see a black screen with a play button but it is unresponsive...
  3. Flex
    I Did a 4hr block this morning and this FUNKY app had serious location issues ... 4 times it took me to the right street, but the wrong block, saying I had arrived ... It also had my whole 4hr block being delivered late, starting at 830am ... With all the technology Amazon has, this App should...
  4. Flex
    Since they stopped releasing blocks at 10 pm, it has been very hard to get 2 blocks per day consistently. After that they were releasing them 24h in advance, but not anymore. I've seen people standing in front of the warehouse waiting for open blocks but I don't think it worth it because it's...
  5. Flex
    What's new in this update? Is it better or worse? Why a new update now? They already fixed the scanner and offer tab on last update, so don't tell me about that. Trying to figure what the new update is for
  6. Flex
    I asked if I had been switched off or red lighted and got a very interesting response from the help desk. Let me start by saying I have for about 3 weeks now been picking up 2 4 hour blocks a day. 9am and 4pm shifts. I noticed others were picking up regularly as well. No more 10pm blocks but...
1-6 of 6 Results