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  1. Flex
    Can Anyone Tell Me How Can / Where Can I Get REFRESH TOKEN
  2. Washington DC
    Hi ... does anyone have experience delivering for Amazon Restaurants via Amazon Prime Now (specific to the DC area)? Or delivering for Prime Now in general?? Worth it/not worth it?? How do you sign up with them? I went to the website, but there was nothing intuitive to lead me to an...
  3. Delivery
    does anyone know how much a one man delivery service provider for Amazon can make daily? any insight on the delivery service provider will be greatly appreciated. Also looking for an estimate of what insurance would cost for company van.
  4. Flex
    If you drive for Amazon Flex you already know how stressed out they make you on getting merchandise there on time so with all that said when the warehouse delivers heavy bottles of alcohol and thin paper bags or they fill them up too much and they bust all over the place we have to scary and get...
  5. Flex
    Here was the first sign that we knew Amazon took some of our tips they don't give you a detail of what the customer has tipped you out like doordash. The second sign was that Amazon tells customers to tip in the app instead of giving them the option to tip in cash. So how did we find out? We...
  6. Flex
    Has anyone just scanned the whole bag amazon gives you at the warehouse and after you Finish delivering have like 4 packages.unaccounted for left? I always return them back to the warehouse. But it made me think. If those packages were unaccounted for delivery what if some people don't return...
  7. Flex
    Ran accross this recent article about UK Amazon employees (and a few US ones) who weren't too happy about the super bot expectations Amazon has set for its drones in its WH and Fulfillment centers. Wonder how much Besos truly cares about keeping the worker drones who made him the #1 billionaire...
  8. Insurance
    Please share if you get any quotes, I'm just trying to see if I'm paying too much. My policy was about $40 more per month than what I was paying for regular insurance.
  9. Flex
    Lolz... What's the point of taking a photo then...? It doesn't cover the delivery guy or gal's behind. Anyone can claim he or she didn't get the parcel.
  10. Flex
    Yesterday the route plan or itinerary had me crisscrossing Route 25 in Elgin. So I changed the order or sequence of deliveries, finishing the east side first. Normally, it should not change entire inventory of pax to deliver, but am wondering if changing the order of delivery caused the app to...
  11. Flex
    Why no offers from all Dch today? Is it a holiday as well at Amazon?
  12. Flex
    Tonight I thought it was just a late release of a three hour block 7-10pm. I have no idea why these people are so unorganized, releasing a block almost 1 hour prior to block start, and scheduling a block end time way past 9pm? Anyway, I thought it would be five pax so I could finish at 9pm...
  13. Chicago
    Just wondering if you guys use this app to track mileage tax deductions, to keep more of income and away from Uncle Sam? I would think I need this for Amazon Flex as well.
  14. Flex
    I guess lots of drivers dropped their blocks Saturday due to rain and not so good weather. Anyone here grab those higher rate blocks?
  15. Flex
    I found this list of all the Amazon centers, hubs, fulfillment, distribution, etc ... It has the code # for the centers, as well as addresses and sizes ... The list also had what type of merchandise our food etc being shipped out of it ... At the very bottom is a lot of the definitions to what...
  16. Flex
    Is there a Flex forum for Chicago anywhere here?
  17. Flex
    I asked if I had been switched off or red lighted and got a very interesting response from the help desk. Let me start by saying I have for about 3 weeks now been picking up 2 4 hour blocks a day. 9am and 4pm shifts. I noticed others were picking up regularly as well. No more 10pm blocks but...
1-17 of 17 Results