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  1. Introductions
    Hey, All! New-ish driver in Canton, OH! I work a full-time job, and do this after work most nights. So far I'm LOVING the extra couple hundred a week!! Any other Canton drivers have any input? :)
  2. Flex
    Anyone from akron ohio doing flex? i have not seen a block over here for weeks now. and can anyone tell me if the LG K20 V will work with the amazon flex app? thanks !!
  3. Cleveland & Akron
    Does anyone know of good local options to rent from private owners or fleet managers? Or any buy-here-pay-here with good rates and low or no down payment options? I've checked into Turo and HyreCar, but want some other flexible options. Also, I can't find any information on Uber's Xchange...
  4. Cleveland & Akron
    Here is a screenshot of what UBER stated to me about the "Per Miles fee" in the Cleveland market... Sounds 'Canned", but who knows really.... Guess we shouldn't count on this .77 cent to go up anytime soon... But yet gas prices continue to rise??? Very interesting....
  5. Cleveland & Akron
    Hope you don't mind 'sharing' with 'Cleveland'. :)
1-5 of 5 Results