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  1. Brisbane
    I have noticed that the AirTax sync process is not working for me from a couple of weeks ago. Is it the same for you guys as well? I am on my OCT-DEC GST page and the sync button is not working for me. Is there any website similar to Airtax? Thanks
  2. Melbourne
    Designed by PwC Tax Specialists, Airtax does simple tax for individuals from $49. Our integration with Uber allows you to pull earnings and expense data straight from your Uber profile into the BAS, making it super straightforward to stay compliant. Best of all it only takes a couple of minutes...
  3. Australia
    Today ATO asks me to lodge my BAS for the period from April to June, the problem is I started UBER a month ago and my logbook is not yet filled for 12 weeks. Whats the solution for this? Thanks
  4. Melbourne
    Hi everyone, Now is the time to submit your Jul - Sep 2016 BAS. If you use Airtax you can submit your BAS on your mobile for only $49. And, all Airtax users are eligible for free ABN/GST registration when they sign up. Built just for rideshare drivers, Airtax makes tax super simple. Once you...
  5. Sydney
    Hey everyone, Say goodbye to your accountant and hello to Airtax to complete your Jul - Sep BAS on your mobile for just $49! In case you haven't done so already, you can complete your ABN/GST registration for free when you sign up to Airtax. Airtax was built for for rideshare drivers and is...
  6. Canberra
    Hey everyone, Just a heads up that you can now lodge both your BAS and yearly income tax return with Airtax! Now you can stay on top of all your tax obligations, without the need to travel across town to visit your accountant. Plus we've dropped our prices across the board. We're doing BAS...
  7. Brisbane
    I'm curious what people are doing about accounting? -What are the best practices? - How do you track your profit and loss? - Do you use Xero,Myob or Excel Spreadsheets etc..? - do you have an accountant or do it yourself? - I personally don't like Airtax or HRblock services because they don't...
1-7 of 7 Results