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  1. Advice
    Don't be misled by Uber to drive towards Hobby at night for supposedly shorter queue time, been here for 1 HOUR after i received a message from uber: (2/2) 23 2017 00:08:09 GMT-0600). (1/2) UBER: HOU wait times are short with only 6 cars waiting for pickups. Heading to the airport staging...
  2. Complaints
    is it true that Uber prioritize new drivers at airport queues? for the last 2 weeks takes you more than 3 hours to get ping at bush. you can't just drive away coz anywhere in houston you will be lucky if get 2 short rides in 1 hour
  3. Advice
    So I picked up a rider from the Hilton at LAX. The guy wanted to go to Costa Mesa! Decent fare $. Any way when I dropped him of I noticed an Airplane button on the app. I was like wow it hasn't"t moved from LAX. Upon further inspection I realized it was John Wayne Airport! There was a...
1-3 of 3 Results