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  1. Seattle
    The Tri-Cities Airport (PSC) sent out a reminder Monday that any drivers for Uber, Lyft or other ride-share companies must file a copy of their For-Hire Business License with the airport administration office... https://www.tri-cityherald.com/news/local/article265045644.html
  2. Advice
    tldr - I’m back, gave some history about driving in Chicago, and wanted to know how you all are doing out there. I know this page is not an airport where you announce your arrival in departure but I thought I would just check in. I started in Chicago back in 2014 in what most would say was...
  3. Las Vegas
    This data is the scheduled airline arrivals for all domestic and international flights, Terminal 1 and Terminal 3, from April 1st 2022 to May 7th 2022. The source for this data can be found here: Harry Reid Intl Flight Activity Reports Coming from last months steadily rising passenger counts...
  4. Sydney
    I'm wondering if some of you guys are doing Uber premium now, How often do you get a job? is it still like one in every 5 every uberX request? do you get enough premium jobs in Airport?
  5. Brisbane
    Anyone who’s been through the waiting lot would have seen them. Sitting on the broken plastic chairs sipping their tea & coffee, smoking their cigarettes while discussing how best to manipulate the Uber system. Canceling job after job after job, waiting for that golden ticket job to come in...
  6. Las Vegas
    This data is the scheduled airline arrivals for all domestic and international flights, Terminal 1 and Terminal 3, from March 1st 2022 to April 7th 2022. The source for this data can be found here: Flight Activity at Clark County Department of Aviation We can see the peak of the first weekend...
  7. Lyft
    Hi all, It was stupid, I should have put the stickers on but never got around to it. Anyways, I was at the Pitt Airport and a guy came out and took pics of the front and back of my car and mentioned that I had no stickers. I asked him if there was a problem, and he said no - everything was...
  8. Melbourne
    Very interesting discussion from pax in the comments, thoughts?
  9. San Antonio
    Was in the area and went to the drivers lot. Sign says only authorized drivers and there is a gate with card pass.... how does it work? Do I need a special pass?
  10. Las Vegas
    Over the past 10 days, I’ve noticed that my app has been crashing (going offline on its own or I’m getting that message “Oops something went wrong”) as I send a message to the pax. Today, I got a ping after dropping off at T1 and got an error message. Another ping came in, I was connected, but...
  11. Brisbane
    I witnessed some bullying at the airport pen the other day. If drivers stay a long time some drivers go & harass them because they know they are waiting for long fares. Funny thing is these drivers that go around harassing other drivers are angry because thats what they wanna do themselves but...
  12. Atlanta
    Has anyone else been getting the "Queue Not Available" at the airport? I called their support line & they said it was resolved, but I still can't receive rides in/near the airport.
  13. Toronto (Ontario)
    I am amazed at how much I enriched Uber to the tune of more than 15K of fees in 2019. Yet I feel I am not treated very well, and are still expendable. Uber ain't shown any love to me. :confusion::confusion:
  14. Advice
    Let’s be honest this is the hard time that we all going through. I mean even if it’s part time job somewhere somewhat it will affect What will be the best time in this situation (Coronavirus) to drive ? what routes and time will be fruitful? hope you all are well and grinding hard.
  15. News
    Rideshare drivers expose deplorable condition of portable toilets at San Antonio International Airport City calls situation 'unacceptable,' shifts blame to vendor in charge of maintaining toilets...
  16. Jacksonville
    I’ve noticed that it only works 25% of the time. The other time, I’ll drive there and circle around and nothing! Also, I tried waiting just around the bend near the overpass for 30 minutes and I’ve concluded that if the ping doesn’t come in on the way there then it will never come. You just have...
  17. Boston
    How is there a $9 surge on Uber right now at Logan Airport but yet 145 cars in the queue?!? It just doesn't make any sense at all! Not too mention that I just counted 5 out state plates in one row. Mostly NY plates but the cars don't have any rental decals on them like most "GetAround" vehicles...
  18. Toronto (Ontario)
    Down is up, up is down! Cats and dogs living together! Mass Hysteria! This was last night.
  19. Toronto (Ontario)
    https://travelingformiles.com/uber-drivers-playing-annoying-games-at-london-heathrow/ Uber Shuffle at Heathrow Airport Anyone try to do the Bengali Shuffle at YYZ. How has destination discrimination been working out for you? Have you been banned or cancelled due to this game?
1-20 of 427 Results