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  1. Surge
    Look through some of the other threads and didn’t see the answer so was wondering if anyone knows — sorry if I’ve missed the answer somewhere . Drove through the surge earlier but didn’t get request so I circled home and had that $6.00 surge for about 10 minutes; now if the bloke who just rode...
  2. Atlanta
    I know we all heard about the new surge model they're gonna try to hit us with. A 5 or 10 dollar increase added to the end of your trip, which mileage is unlimited. So base fare, plus 10 bucks for a 40-80 mile trip can happen to u. And I say we (in every city) boycott the airport. We gotta force...
  3. Atlanta
    I know at one point it surged but Uber refused to give it to anyone. Then there was the extra $20 (helped end any and all surges). Then boost then something... I just want to know what's the situation now? Are Thursday night surges a thing of the past?
  4. Toronto (Ontario)
    YOW often posts surges of 5.0X..... including today and yesterday. I'm wondering if ANYONE has ever received such a fair at the airport or if it's just designed to lure drivers to the airport. I've given up on the airport since I haven't ever received a surge request while I'm there in the...
1-4 of 4 Results