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  1. Seattle
    I've found some consistent success in early-morning AP runs from the Eastside, but the downside of my strategy is that I never catch any rematches from 0500-0700. I've been deadheading back from the AP to the Eastside to put myself back in position for more AP runs, and often get a second AP run...
  2. Chicago
    Hey everyone, I was wondering whether during daytime Airport runs ony strategy is a winning strategy. I.e. Get to ORD or MDW wait in queue. Get back to the queue after completing all trips or use Destination trips to get close to the airports. Repeat for 6 hours approx. Or if there's any other...
  3. Pittsburgh
    Hey all! I've been driving Uber for a bit now. I started in Aug 2015, drove for about a month and then took a hiatus. I recently started driving again this past week; mainly because I need the extra money. The problem I am having is trying to plan accordingly so that I minimize my losses (gas...
1-3 of 3 Results