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  1. Pittsburgh
    First let me say, my god I love this forum. Now... Today I took a rider to the airport, it was my second passenger of the night and I had a good feeling about today already. No issues there. $25 run. No tip, no biggie. I don't normally do airport pick ups and in my relatively short time as an...
  2. Minneapolis
    What are the rules for dropping off or picking up people at the MSP airport? I live really close to there and plan on picking up people from there, among other places. Are there any special rules to follow? I can't really find anything on here or on Uber's site. Do I just keep driving through...
  3. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Hello fellow Uber Drivers! I'm brand new and looking forward to driving and making some side $$ with Uber, I want to avoid the pukers, and crazy nightlife people so I've decided to drive early mornings. I'm curious though, I have to drive all the way from Ontario, to L.A which isn't too bad...
1-3 of 3 Results