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  1. Complaints
    Since they moved us to level 5 we no longer get a match after drop off, which i understand why. What i don't get is why they can't set the airport queue to prioritize drivers ( say there is 70 car in the lot, maybe we can be thrown in the middle of the queue or something...) who just gave a...
  2. Chicago
    So, what does everyone think of the "wait time" clock we get in the ORD staging lot? I was very surprised by it on Saturday! Not sure if it's entirely accurate, but it sure helped me determine how long I was willing to wait. I'm amazed UBER responded so quickly with it but not amazed that, of...
  3. Stories
    This is from our local users group, but i have not seen it confirmed in the news. It however reflects business users comments that so many of their out airport rides are with ex cab drivers that I believe it. It appears a confederate is in the terminal with a bag of Uber phones. When one gets...
1-3 of 3 Results