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  1. Boston
    Just made 2 airport drops and couldn’t get the queue to show up until AFTER I was in the lot. I think this is a half-ass effort to reduce the ants.
  2. Denver
    I've never bothered sitting in the queue to wait for rides before, but I'm curious if its worth spending a Friday or Saturday night just doing rides than going to wait again. What's the wait like in reference to how many cars are ahead of you? Is it like an hour per 25 cars ahead? Thanks.
  3. Sacramento
    On Tuesday I was trying my luck in the SMF pen - loyal ant that I am - and got a trip tagged "Short Trip: will save your place for 6 hours". As expected it was a quick trip to a house just off Del Paso Rd. for a fiver. So I go back to the pen based on what the app said and sure enough I'm at...
  4. Lyft
    Hi guys, I'm a noob to Uber/Lyft so forgive me but what exactly is the Airport Queue?? In my area, only Lyft drivers can pick-up from the airport and on my app it says 5 drivers in the airport queue, navigate there to enter. So does that mean the only way to get a ping for an airport pick-up is...
  5. Washington DC
    All entrances backed up on Route 1 over bridge and GW pkwy and nooooo surge not worth it let the pigs in the pen fight 20 mins just to goto downtown
  6. Connecticut
    A friend of mine only likes to give premium rides. How does this work in the Bradley airport queue? Unless he was doing something wrong , he said the app would only let him in the queue if he went into his settings and selected all platforms. He doesn’t want to give uberX rides. He said he...
  7. Chicago
    So I went to the MDW queue yesterday for the 1st time in probably 6 months. I only went because I was 2 miles away and the queue was at 30 for both lyft and uber. The Uber queue moved faster than Lyft as it normally does. I got down to being 5 in queue and I got a repetitive ping alert similar...
  8. Stories
    Hi guys, I work outside of MIA Airport and overheard some Uber drivers at the corner cafeteria, candidly claiming how they hacked the airport queue system and are making up to a thousand dollars a day. By what I heard, it’s something like this: They use a fake gps app to place their location...
  9. Advice
    Has anyone ever tried skipping the airport queue to get more pickups? (Staying parked in garage, log off before you enter queue, log back in when you're out of it, etc?)
  10. Brisbane
    The question sounds confusing... I admit. The case is I often spend a long time waiting in the Brisbane airport queue until I get orders. However, the order could be quite short... no worth waiting... But I can only see the destination after meeting the rider, you know... I've even got orders...
  11. Sacramento
    So I'm waiting at the airport after dropping off. Two questions how do I know which position I'm in queue? And how do I know I'm in queue? I'm parked right by the ride share sign with the taxis
  12. Chicago
    I don't go to the Pit as much except when a ride takes me to the Airport. But I am seeing a recent trend where Lyft airport queue is usually about 2.5 times bigger than Uber. For example, this morning at 8:30 am when I went to ORD for a drop off my assigned queue number on Uber was 38. Whereas...
  13. Tampa
    What was up with the Tampa airport queue last night...??? Or Did they change it again.... I showed up around 11:30p... Said there was 31 cars... Sat for a few minutes and didnt see normal queue indicator... Strange...logged off and on a couple times... Nothing...then let it sit about 10...
  14. Washington DC
    Uber needs to stop giving IAD rides from Avis Rental car to drivers in the airport que. I just waited an hour and got a ping for a rental car. I've done them in the past and get a $5 ride.
  15. Washington DC
    Wss in the que for an hour on both Uber and Lyft. Just as I got to the front I lost cell service with 95 Uber and 45 Lyft's cars. I was 17 on Lyft when it stopped moving for thirty minutes and kept sending me messages I had bad service. I was 19 on Uber. Thanks a lot for nothing!
  16. Sydney
    Boardsitting in Airport queue. 11 to 20 cas. Playing with phone & hello the earning tab is back to the old version & no more cars in queue icon. Bugger, I hope I didn' get kicked out of the queue
1-20 of 29 Results