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  1. Complaints
    Hello all. This looks like the result of the Personal Power Zones coming here in Pittsburgh. Since the beginning of April, I've noticed the airport ques getting longer and longer. No one wants to drive in the city anymore because there isn't any primetime/surging. I usually make about $1600...
  2. Minneapolis
    I am a new driver for the past two weeks and like going to the airport because I always meet interesting passengers. I am trying to figure out a strategy to get the quickest pick up for a passenger at the airport. Today I what is near the airport so I decided to go into the queue and realized...
  3. Atlanta
    and picked up a Pax in Loganville going to the airport. Great start I thought, I live in Loganville and it was a 49 mile trip that took a little over an hour. The pax was a part time uber driver and he said he paid $46 for the trip, and I received $24!!! Are we doing 50/50 splits now with x...
1-4 of 4 Results