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  1. Toronto (Ontario)
    Waiting for 1st pickup
  2. Boston
    I've been driving for Uber since July 2016. I've almost always been doing part-time work on the weekends, I usually drive 16 to 25 hours a week and I can say I was doing well, sometimes $ 350, $ 450, $ 650. This week I will start driving full time. I would like you to give me your help and...
  3. Brisbane
    In your opinion, is it better to wait in queue at the airport after a drop off or cut your losses and drive back towards the city? Sometimes I wait over an hour and even then the trip can be very shot like taking a pilot from domestic to international, a less than $10 fare (yes it happens)...
  4. San Diego
    So I get a request from SAN from someone with an Indian name as in Hindu. I text the guy about what terminal he's in and if he knows about the Ride share pick up location. He texts me back NO... I don't. So I call the guy and I am trying to let him know where to go, he goes:" You know I have 3...
  5. Boston
    This happened a couple of days ago... While at Logan I accepted a Lyft line from terminal C arrivals going downtown. I greet the passenger through the window, pop open the trunk and suddenly this cab driver starts taking pictures of us, my car and my license plate. I asked him what he was doing...
1-5 of 5 Results