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  1. Lyft
    So been driving lyft for a couple of months now , i have had to switch to a new car , and from the 'stache to the Amp during this time . anyway not sure if it's just me , but Lyft Driver Support seems to have REALLY diminished recently ... main example is , since the Lyft airport placards have...
  2. Complaints
    I work the Airport in Miami. I have noticed in the past week, that the "text messages" we receive from Uber to (Please head towards the Arrival section by.....) are coming in even while the Queue is high (18-30 minutes wait time). Other Drivers including myself, are not receiving the...
  3. Roanoke & Blacksburg
    What is the average income from the airport into town and how many fares can be had during incoming flight times? Cabs are about $20.
1-3 of 3 Results