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  1. San Diego
    Airport fee at LAX is now $4. ...for those that do daily accounting.
  2. San Diego
    When did the airport fee rise?
  3. Washington DC
    Did a Reagan Airport pickup the other night. Yes it was a total clusterfornicate. What's interesting here is no $4 to Reagan. Usually it shows as a payout to others for the airport fee. I wonder if Uber's pocketing them. From what I read Uber/Lyft self-report these. Wouldn't surprise me in...
  4. Canberra
    A driver colleague noticed yesterday that their rider had been charged the airport access fee of $3.13 for a pickup from Spitfire Avenue in Majura Park. Spitfire Avenue goes past the front door of Costco. It’s not clear whether this was an error. That land is owned by Canberra Airport but is...
  5. Canberra
    I have noticed that recently Uber has been giving me mysterious promotion payments of 28 cents. Through a little detective work, I have discovered that the 28 cent payments are a 'partial refund' of the Canberra Airport pickup fee of $3.13. The amount of 28 cents is one-eleventh of $3.13, an...
  6. Taxes
    UBER may not want to do it so drivers don't realized the very low earning or loses per hour or per mile and: RATES NEEDS TO BE: $3 base, $1/mile and $0.5/min NO LESS THAN MINIMUM WAGE Earnings of UBER are too high; and prices to riders are too low .... drivers are loosing. FOLLOWING IS WHAT...
  7. Minneapolis
    This has come up a few times, including tonight. A few weeks ago I did a pick up at the airport and the person told me that the driver before me had called them and told them to go to regular baggage claim. This rider knew about the $6 fee though. And they knew that Uber is not supposed to pick...
  8. Chicago
    Got a request to a city near the ORD. I turn around and head in the direction. Immediately I get a call from Pax telling me where they where. Tell me they are at the rideshare pickup area. I got them to confirm that they were at the airport. So I asked them if they were going to the address I...
1-8 of 8 Results