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  1. Washington DC
    Taking lady to airport at 4 am.She was asking why there aren't many Uber's out 4- 5am... She says she takes a Uber regularly to the airport and wishes we could pickup there also. She was happy to know that Uber's do pickup and camp out at the airport. Common sense... Duh.
  2. Advice
    Many drivers love to get rider requests going to an Airport. I have a friend that believes setting an Airport destination in the Partner App increases the chances of this happening. Is this just wishful thinking or real? Does anyone have any insights or experience with this idea?
  3. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Good morning you wild drivers you. THIS MORNING was great! ( mic check ). Nothing! Ok. Well, I had a funny entitled PAX today. Off TO LB great airport :rolleyes: PAX: Where are you going?! ME: Well, I'm going up PCH to airport. PAX: NO! NO! You are going wrong. I need you to go this way...
  4. Connecticut
    Hi again, So I posted somewhere else about an early morning pick up in Newtown, CT. I woke up early this morning to see if there were any Uber Drivers around the time I'd need to leave (about 5:30am) and there wasn't any. I checked again at 6am and there was one, but they were 2o minutes away...
  5. Sydney
    So its the new car wash close to Airport in their first week of operation. I have used their services and would rate them 4.9 star lol. The deal looks like this. Car washed cleaned inside out with usual hand cleaned, dried, tyre shine, perfume/ freshner sprayed etc. Free coffee / tea (good...
1-5 of 5 Results