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  1. New York City
    I've seen a few FHV cars driving around the city with this LED screen on top of their vehicle advertising a company named Halo. I checked out their website and it said you can earn an extra $400 a month by placing their advertisement on top of ur vehicle. Anyone tried this company out? Are they...
  2. Technology
    I saw a advertisement when I was searching for the Uber website and it say 5.0 rating for 771 ratings for Uber.com I am not sure how Uber got this rating
  3. Taxes
    Can you deduct all miles you drive if you have trade dress that advertises? I have seen some cars wrapped in Uber signage from bumper to bumper. Would a magnet sign qualify or even (like I said before) a trade dress sticker in your window?
  4. Austin
    I recently got approached from a local company to wrap my car. They would pay for the wrap and compensate me on a monthly basis as long as I continue to drive Uber on the weekends. Has anyone else been approached by companies offering this? I'm intreagued as I could use the extra cash.
  5. Chicago
    Anybody know Uber's policy about promoting politics inside our vehicle? As employees they could fire us immediately but as independent contractors I think it's different. I carefully did this collecting signatures for an Illinois constitutional amendment and got a great response. I'd like to...
  6. New York City
    It seems that Uber has been feeling the pain of its customers using Juno now instead of Uber. Its a no brainer, Juno is offering pax 35% off all rides until further notice and no surge as of now. Of course all of us rideshare drivers who have began to work with Juno, have the Juno phone in...
1-8 of 10 Results