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  1. Pay
    Fuber's in-app process for disputing fares is execrable, so I usually call Fuber to fix my fares. I have screenshots to prove Fuber is cheating me on distances, but no way to attach them in-app. Can the staff at the GLH make credit adjustments to our fares?
  2. Ratings
    Do I have a 1 star on there, or not? Make up your mind.
  3. Stories
    Gonna be a long one so smoke em if ya got em.:cool: On way to pax and Google maps crapped out on me and had to get there using Uber nav. No biggie, worked okay. Pax got in and we head out, still using Uber nav. because I can't figure out how to get Google maps to come back. OMG, WTF and Holy...
  4. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Hello everybody, I'm a local driver here in the Los Angeles County. I recently reviewed one of my Pool trips and noticed something odd. The individual passengers were undercharged based on the distance and time of the trip. UberPOOL rates in the area are: $0.85/ miles $0.11/ minute The...
1-4 of 4 Results