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  1. New Jersey
    Uber gave him a full refund ...... luckily I remembered him and his exact address, name, and description..... uber gave me the full fare refund and ate the loss......shockingly uber did the right thing and gave me an immediate fare adjustment without any pushback....👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
  2. New York City
    While I was checking my earnings, I noticed something called Past Activity Adjustments Every week they duduct redicilous amounts like $5.01 $2.01 $3.29 But the funny thing is $0.01, three times they deduct it out of my earnings, I called them they say based on riders feedback or pool...
  3. New Jersey
    Last night, I received a Pool request. First, the pax calls me and tells me where he is going and asks what my ETA was. It was a bit strange, but people do that all the time. I pick him up and drive to his destination--the kid looked young, but I couldn't determine if he were below 18; he was...
  4. Washington DC
    I was *** when I first saw this email about my fare being readjusted. But then had to chuckle that they actually adjusted my fare up ( not much, but still)... for pax' report of inefficient route. I get the last laugh... So there Rohit & Mandeep!! Maybe there is some truth to this Pro-Driver...
  5. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Hello everybody, I'm a local driver here in the Los Angeles County. I recently reviewed one of my Pool trips and noticed something odd. The individual passengers were undercharged based on the distance and time of the trip. UberPOOL rates in the area are: $0.85/ miles $0.11/ minute The...
  6. Melbourne
    What does Adjusted Fare mean?
1-7 of 7 Results