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  1. Complaints
    Lyft founders, Logan Green & John Zimmer, both married, were recently caught cheating on their wives after a random stranger wrote about the incident on an online message board. Both founders were suspended from work WITHOUT PAY while an "investigation" took place. After several days...
  2. New Jersey
    Today as I was getting ready to race out the door and go take care of an incident at my son School, I got an email from Uber letting me know that I had been suspended due to a complaint a pax or should I say pox) lodged against me. They said the usual. They were investigating and would be in...
  3. Stories
    I recently had my driver account temp disabled because a rider contacted trust and safety ! Telling the rep that I was UNDER THE INFLUENCE. . That was the message that I received 2 weeks ago. I immediately responded to the email expressing how shocked I was! I understand that the Rideshare...
1-3 of 3 Results