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  1. Advice
    Got a text today... "There was a suspicious payout attempt on your Uber account for $94.28 to a card ending in XXXX. Please reset your password if this wasn't you." Then I received an email with a little more detail...gave the login city (Bronx, NY) and an IP address for the suspicious device...
  2. Seattle
    Everett woman says Uber account hacked, used across country An Everett woman said someone got into her Uber account and spent hundreds of dollars in just minutes from across the country. "I just got a thing that said your Uber is a minute away," Angelia Herman said. When she received that...
  3. Lyft
    To all Lyft drivers, beware!! Over the last couple weeks (maybe longer), there have been Scam artist requesting a ride usually with an X type vehicle but also non X type. They immediately cancel the ride request. Within a minute (they call quickly while they still have the generated phone...
1-3 of 3 Results