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  1. UberEATS
    I drive only for Uber Eats and for the most part it has gone smoothly, there have been a few hiccups but no big deals. But now I have had two days in particular that my acceptance ratings were extremely low and I have tried like crazy to get a straight answer and finally just gave up in...
  2. Complaints
    Oh my gosh, after thousands and thousands of rides I am so glad that Lyft pointed out this massive mistake of mine, looks like I need to accept more rides!
  3. Washington DC
    This is their 'Awesome Acceptance Rate' badge right? I can get below 5% if I try..
  4. Lyft
    So I'm fairly new to Lyft (about 32 rides) and from this forum I've learned a couple things that may help my Lyft experience: 1. "Guarantees" are next to useless ... this past weekend, Lyft offered me a guarantee ... the first hour on the first night I didn't get a single ping until about 40...
  5. Long Island
    I dive once or twice a week and don't accept all the pings that are more than 10 mins away or are from low rated pax. Why is uber nagging me about acceptance rate every day ? What is s good acceptance rate? I mean I'm in the middle of a supposed 3x surge and all I get is normal pings from...
  6. Tampa
    Here is Uber's explanation, word-for-word : Your acceptance rate is based on the percentage of trip requests you've accepted over the last 7 days. High rates don't affect your account, but often mean shorter wait times. If you see your rate drastically change, it's likely that you haven't had...
  7. Lyft
    ...one of these for low acceptance? Sounds a little more threatening this time:
  8. Lyft
    It's pathetically laughable. Lyft tries to "guilt" drivers into accepting more requests, even though so many are long distance, 10+, 15, 20 or more minutes away. Without additional incentives these are (proportional to twice the distance) less likely to be profitable. Since the courts have...
  9. Chicago
    Some theory: There is an optimal acceptance rate, and the optimal rate is not 100%. Right now, I'm at 94% acceptance and 4% cancellation over last 7 days. My goal is to get that first number down to around 88%-90%. Why? Because 94% tells me I'm accepting too much crap. Sometimes you take...
  10. Technology
    The incoming request tone sounds. Anticipation! Excitement! But, when I tap to accept, a notification message displays, "Network Error". %^*%%^#() application! %^*%%^#() Uber! But, there's still time, maybe, just maybe. Tap OK and try again, but same thing happens, "Network Error". I may keep...
  11. Complaints
    Anyone know how Uber calculates request accepted? I am on a program that pays a hefty bonus if I get over 75 rides and a 90% request acceptance. Well I got 79 rides and they claim I had an 85% acceptance and would not pay. I think I have refused 4 jobs the entire time I've worked for them. Any...
  12. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Mine is 58%. I don't accept pax with low ratings or ones who request pool.
  13. Philadelphia
    I drove throughout the guarantees and I made sure to balance whatever rides I didn't take in whichever time block were balanced out with more rides so my acceptance rate was greater than 65%. My weekly report said that I maintained my acceptance rate at 85%. My acceptance rates on the earnings...
1-13 of 13 Results