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  1. Ratings
    Last month, during my first month of UberEats, like many first time drivers I'm sure, I was like 'I'm going to accept everything because Uber will give me more deliveries!'. But after watching a lot of YT videos and starting to pay attention to milage vs fare, I recently started being a bit...
  2. Technology
    Uber Promo trips are excluded from your overall acceptance rate Since Uber sends trip offers, in part, based on this metric, I'm a bit surprised that they haven't yet backed off from this calculation method. As we know, Uber has been increasingly attempting to create the appearance of driver...
  3. Technology
    From this two year old article: Is this still occurring? If so or if not, how'd we even know?
  4. Advice
    Ok guys can we talk about acceptance percentage? Currently doing Uber eats (waiting on the background check for UberX) and I had earned diamond status. Then I lost it when my acceptance percentage dropped below 85% I often turn down the fares Less than $5 because it’s just not worth the time or...
  5. UberEATS
    For the past few weeks I have gotten a message from Uber via message not on the app, offering $100 if I do 30 deliveries and keep the acceptance rate above 50%. Support says to click on my face in the top right. My face is on the left. So twice I have been told I didn't get the money because my...
  6. Los Angeles & Orange County
    So, please confirm...some LA drivers got the 4/10 accept requirement ( last 10 ridereqst) AND some got the 6/10 accept requirement to see the Destination address in the future?
  7. Canberra
    Uber has reverted to making a driver’s acceptance and cancellation rates available in the app. It has also reverted to using the term ‘acceptance rate’ rather than ‘confirmation rate’. These rates are now shown in relation to a four-week period rather than a one-week period.
  8. Lyft
    anyone else see this? I haven't gotten to test it yet since my acceptance rate is 65% from last week and it doesn't reset anymore due to the rolling 7 days acceptance rate now. Considering trying to get my acceptance rate up to 90% to test it today to see if it's worth it
  9. Complaints
    As I write this, I'm staring at another Uber mess on my driving account. A passenger requested a ride that was accidentally accepted by me because of the awful way that Uber has implemented their new driver app. Normally, I immediately cancel these "false positive" acceptances but this time...
  10. Advice
    How can I see my cancellation and acceptance rates? I searched the forums but can’t seem to find a solution that works for me. Sorry for the dumb newb question, but what do you expect? I’m a friggin marshmallow.
  11. Lyft
    When Lyft sends sends you a request to pick up at a Walmart 17 minutes away, and the screen pops up...
  12. New Jersey
    I came across this in the national forum and clipped the screen to give credit to the poster... This does work and will show you the Acceptance and Cancellation rates for your weekly time period...
  13. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Beware of what you are doing while ONLINE. I am an UberEats driver and was online today. While online, I was exploring the app and went in to leave a comment in my Uber Driver Profile. (I got to it through a link displayed by scrolling down on the home page.) While entering a comment, I got...
  14. Lyft
    I've explored the driver app & dashboard and just can't find my Acceptance Rate or Cancelation Rate. Only my driver rating shows up. Where are they hiding?
  15. Technology
    Hey all, I'm wondering if there are any legit sites/ways through Google Play (I'm on Android) or elsewhere to download older versions of the apps?? Mainly looking for Lyft's version, but I'd be open to finding the older version of Uber as well. Main gripe with the current version of Lyft (I'm...
  16. Lyft
    Hi Lyft rolled out their new "rate" card the other day. They also now display just your net pay as a driver. You have to dig a little and find the fares that rider paid. I was shocked the other day as I used Lyft as a rider to a normal night out spot we go to rather frequently. Its normally...
  17. Lyft
    I'm still not taking your Slime requests and I think the community could use a little more waiting around.
  18. Washington DC
    Lyft is showing desperation....don't give in yet. Lyft will no longer require 90% acceptance rate on PDB starting May 7th. But they still require rush hour trips to qualify....Keep ignoring the pink Tutu and maybe they'll cave on the peak period trips. Then PDB can challenge Quest!
  19. Technology
    While using Waze, I'm consistently missing rides. I'm using an IPad 4, which may be affecting visibility of the notifications. These notifications usually pop up for a few seconds at most. I have tried changing the settings of the Ipad itself, so it displays alerts for longer, but they are...
  20. Advice
    The reason I am asking is that I am interested in discovering where and when most of the pings are coming from around my city - so that I know where to hang out. It occurred to me that I could get a lot more "data points" by leaving the app on and listening for pings as I am driving from here...
1-20 of 64 Results