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  1. Austin
    Why do my fellow Uber/Lyft/ride austin driver's feel entitled to stop in the middle lane to drop off ? It is pretty frustrating as it is with the continuous flow of pedestrians crossing & holding the traffic.
  2. Austin
    I am hearing that flights are bring cancelled tomorrow both into and out of ABIA. Has anyone else heard such blasphemy?
  3. Austin
    Hey guys, Im pretty sure that some of you know what to do in the following situation. I tried getting an answer from CSRs and we went back and forth 9 times and I always get an answer that is completely irrelevant to my question. Ill try to be as short and precise as possible. A few nights ago...
  4. Austin
    So, today, as I often do, I went to te cellphone lot to use the bathroom and drink water. As always, I keep myself online. To my surprise, I get a ping. I've been Ubering for months at ABIA and that has never happened before. It was my understanding that you couldn't get any pings while inside...
1-4 of 4 Results