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  1. Washington DC
    Or lack thereof. I guess Rohit doesn't commemorate the 4th of July since to him it's just another Wednesday. And yet they Boost the shit out of 12-3 A.M. Thursdays.
  2. San Diego
    Any ideas of where the BEST spot(s) are to set up for July 4th after the fireworks end? Combination of best surge, easiest exit and simple pax pickup would be ideal. Last year, I was on Harbor, and I recall the surge being pretty decent, but traffic was an absolute nightmare as was locating...
  3. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Is it really worth to drive this weekend considering the promotions? I was online 9 hours(6pm till 3am) last night in OC area and hardly made the same earnings like any other Friday nights which I only work less than 6 hours( usually 9 pm till 2am) Considering the promotion of $30/hr minimum...
  4. Advice
    It's on a Monday, so it's a 3 day Holiday weekend. Be prepared, some people want to "strike", but realistically not a large percentage of the Uber Driver's are members of this site. So a "strike" would be silly. However it might be an oversaturated market, and a good weekend to stay home with...
1-4 of 4 Results