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  1. New Jersey
    Are you a "new" driver who started July 2017 or later? You probably know that the Uber Cut is subtracted from every fare and delivery. Do new drivers, who started July 2017 or later in New Jersey, have a 30% Uber Cut or the 25% Uber Cut assigned to New Jersey drivers who started earlier? I know...
  2. Sydney
    I thought I knew the answer but I asked the question anyway. The the response below Thank you for writing in. I see that you have concerns regarding your Uber Fee percentage.Let me clarify this. I have verified your account and see that you are already registered for ABN and GST. The increase...
  3. Complaints
    Well guys I've proven it..... The Airport in my town is geofenced. It is illegal to pick up from my airport. Today I was playing around with the rider app and I noticed that when I put the pin outside the airport there were 10 cars. When I put the pin inside the airport there were two cars. I...
1-3 of 3 Results