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  1. Complaints
    I just got my 1099 which shows $8000 more than I got paid according to my bank deposits. I am at uber greenlight and they told me they are not tax professionals and their system is down so they can't look up my account. The 1099^s are the gross pay including what they deducted for their fees...
  2. Taxes
    So I recently shut down my account prior to the end of the year. I assumed I would still be able to log on and look at my tax documents, but I no longer have access to UBER driver or rider.... Uber states that there is no way for them to tell me how or if I will receive the 1099. I was paid...
  3. Lyft
    Hey guys ! For any of you veterans here who have been doing lyft (or even uber) for over a year , when do your 1099 forms arrive in the mail , stating all of your earnings for the last year ? Just ask cuz I heard that if you are in the city of L.A. , you can file for an exemption on your taxes...
  4. Taxes
    The figures on my 1099 reflect the gross income from Uber before the Uber fees are taken out. That is not what is deposited to my bank account. Why??? How do we handle this? We shouldn't be taxed on what we didn't make.
1-4 of 4 Results