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  1. Taxes
    Did everyone that made over 20K get both a 1099-K & 1099-misc from Uber? I don't want to enter both of them as income because they are for the exact same dollar amount the only difference is the K is broken down by month. Why would they send both, Lyft only sent the K.
  2. Taxes
    I just became an Uber driver over the weekend, I've only done a few trips and made about a total of 70 dollars. I was told that if I made over 600$ I have to file 1099 form to the IRS, where do I get the form? What do I write on it? How do I submit it?
  3. Taxes
    I am assisting a driver with their 2016 return and the 1099 is wrong. Has anyone had an incorrect 1099 and who do you contact to get it corrected?
  4. Taxes
    i still did not receive anything from uber yet to do my taxes. do they mail me something???
  5. Atlanta
    Hey guy! So usually Uber will post when you first open the app, "your 1099 is available" , "file your taxes with TurboTax" blah blah blah , but I have not been seeing this when I open the app. I have already gotten my 1099 from driving for Lyft. Is anyone else having this issue?
  6. Advice
    Please answer the Poll. In those markets where it's been activated, how does in-App Tipping compare to the old cash-way of getting Tips? Remember, Uber must now report on your 1099-form, all Tips received through the App, to the IRS as income, subject to the 15.3% self-employment tax plus your...
  7. Taxes
    Hey there folks! How are ya doing today? i was hoping to get some help or advisory, i was looking into older threads on the related issue but i had some questions of my own, and i feel like I'm kind of in a pickle myself. I started driving for Uber back in the spring of 2016, haven't really...
1-7 of 7 Results