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some how or mistake by uber support agent my uber eats driver account is stop.
Even i am very good Uber eats driver and completed 550 delivery .
Support agent say u need to do background check once again. this all just one mistake of uber agents.
I am ready to do Background check.
Uber support told me they send request to triton department to do background check.
Me followup everyday to uber regarding this.even contact to triton regarding backgroundcheck.
But Triton told me they dont receive any instruction to do your backgrond check from uber.
also triton send me same email and mention they donot receive any instruction from uber.
i am full time uber driver and suffering lots and no budy resolve my problem.
Even now when i call to uber help support regarding this they just told me same thing and hangup my call.
plz hepl me my ascalation issue no is 465-04



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I had a similar situation, I stop doing UBER last year, in December 2021, in NY suburbs because I didn't have a car, I was in the waiting list for TESLA vehicle, they finally notified me that TESLA vehicles are available for rental with HERTZ, through UBER app, I made the reservation, rented the vehicle on June 6 and I can't even work because my background check is expired to which I've already sent the request about a month ago, they told me to find out with CHECKRD to see what's going on, CHECKRD told me to log into the website and I found my background check there with a CLEAR status, I told UBER and they told me they have to wait for CHECKRD notification.
Now I'm loosing money with my 3rd week paying HERTZ $480 per week for renting the TESLA that I can't work with and I can't return it, because I would fall back in a long waiting list.
UBER shouldn't allow a reservation or rental, if we can't work and why waiting for a background check to expire, while they could of request it 2 or 3 months in advance to get it done without interruption of driving. Now we pay the consequences. UBER should have a compensation plan for this type of situation. Best of luck.